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Salon Line color express fun pink show

PVPR 16.65€ 8.70€ 10.70€ (with VAT)
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100 ml
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21-07-2024 Up to 21-07-2024

Ideal for all hair types, bleached. These toners contain a mix of 12 oils - argan, shea, seed and cotton, macadamia, green tea, chamomile, aloe vera, calamus, myrrh, olive and cinnamon - which moisturize and nourish the threads, in addition to restoring shine and luminosity to the hair. Developed for those who dont give up vibrant colors and a color that hydrates, does not harm the hair and is free of ammonia and oxidants.

Comprar Coloring no ammonia Color Express SALON LINE BEST PRICE | Comprar SALON LINE Coloring no ammonia Color Express BEST PRICE | Coloring no ammonia SALON LINE Color Express BEST PRICE

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