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PAPERplus Papillon paper dispenser box

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Paper with 70g

Machine or dispenser not included.

Thanks to its special, patented shape, the paper cushioning of the PAPERplus® Papillon system offers optimal protection for small and medium-sized shipping goods. It’s suitable for filling voids and wrapping products, boasts large volume at a low weight, and is especially soft and flexible. Available in a variety of models, the PAPERplus® Papillon machine is simple to adapt to the specific needs of our customers.

Three operating modes also simplify on-demand production of paper cushioning directly at the packing station, while the system itself features a compact, space-saving design. When connected with a conveying system and a silo, a single PAPERplus® Papillon can supply multiple packing stations with cushioning at the same time. The special kraft paper used by the PAPERplus® Papillon to create paper cushioning is also available in various colours.

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