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Lola Bemdito Bronze body luminizer

PVPR 18.54€ 8.46€ 10.41€ (with VAT)
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200 ml
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21-07-2024 Up to 21-07-2024

If you want to boost your shine, just wait for it to dry and apply another layer with our Body Jelly. Your skin will be even more radiant! Ah, but its worth remembering that Im not a beach tanner, okay? Im an illuminator that gives a temporary tan effect, perfect for use all year round.

To use, just apply a generous amount to your hands and spread over the body in circular movements. Wait for it to dry before getting dressed and, to remove, just wash with soap and water. Oh, and theres more: Im vegan, cruelty free and my packaging is recyclable, decomposing in up to 5 years. How about guaranteeing your Be(M)dito Bronze and shining all year long?

Comprar Body cream Be(m)dita Praia LOLA BEST PRICE | Comprar LOLA Body cream Be(m)dita Praia BEST PRICE | Body cream LOLA Be(m)dita Praia BEST PRICE

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