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Kérastase Extentioniste thermique

PVPR 50.33€ 28.63€ 35.21€ (with VAT)
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150 ml
3 unidades
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18-06-2024 Up to 18-06-2024

Thermal protector that seals and reinforces the lengths and ends. Protects from heat tools up to 230˚C. Improves the malleability and resistance of the hair fiber. Helps detangle and increases shine.

improves malleability
Improves hair fiber strength
help to untangle
increase the brightness
Protects from heat tools up to 230˚C

Comprar thermal protector Extentioniste KERASTASE BEST PRICE | Comprar KERASTASE thermal protector Extentioniste BEST PRICE | thermal protector KERASTASE Extentioniste BEST PRICE

Comment sinscrire:
Appliquer sur les mains et répartir uniformément sur les cheveux mouillés et le cuir chevelu. Puis masser et rincer à leau. Réappliquez et laissez reposer 3 minutes. Masser, émulsionner et rincer à leau.

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