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Helen Seward Keratin Elisir styling fluid

PVPR 13.60€ 5.99€ 7.37€ (with VAT)
Save 6.23€
150 ml
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17-06-2024 Up to 17-06-2024

Styling fluid for curly and wavy hair with KERADINE-Complex and Iris Extract.
It improves the tone and dynamics of the curl without making it stiff. With anti-frizz action, it defines naturally, restoring maximum shine to the hair.

Comprar Curly activator Keratin Elisir HELEN SEWARD BEST PRICE | Comprar HELEN SEWARD Curly activator Keratin Elisir BEST PRICE | Curly activator HELEN SEWARD Keratin Elisir BEST PRICE

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