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Capicilin brazilian gradative sealing

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100 ml
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Capicilin Brazilian Gradual Sealing Volume Reducer is a powerful volume reducing treatment with Progressive Smooth Effect without Formaldehyde, especially suitable for wavy, voluminous or unruly hair. It is a safe, high quality treatment, compatible with all chemicals and lasts up to 20 washes. It is ideal for reducing volume, smoothing curls or waves, eliminating frizz, aligning unruly and brittle strands and providing incredible shine. It contains a mixture of oils, especially nourishing and immediately absorbed, providing absolute control over the hair. The hair is left with the proper volume, extremely nourished and treated, shiny, soft and healthy.

Active principles:
Argan Oil - Deeply hydrates and nourishes the hair, leaving it soft and shiny. Contains antioxidants that help promote hair elasticity. Due to its ability to seal the cuticle, argan oil prevents frizz on the wettest days.
Monoi Oil - It is obtained from the immersion of Tiaré flower buds, from Polynesia, in pure coconut oil. It is a very moisturizing oil that penetrates deep into the hair, coats and reduces dry ends, giving it a radiant shine. Ideal for dry or damaged hair.
Macadamia Oil - It is rich in antioxidant substances, omega 3 and 6, vitamins and minerals that help to hydrate, prevent premature graying of the hair and protect the hair from chemical wear. The result is healthier, silkier, softer hair, with controlled volume, easy to comb and with much more shine.
Ojon Oil - Rich in amino acids, natural antioxidants and lipids, which penetrate deeply into the hair, it works as a protector of the hair structure. Allows the recovery of hair cells and protects from daily aggressions. It also serves as an anti-frizz and reduces the volume of unruly hair.

How to use:
Apply a shampoo without salt, preferably with a smooth effect, to wet hair, massage gently until foaming and rinse, repeat the operation if necessary. Dry your hair completely with the help of the dryer. Put on disposable gloves to start the process. Start by spraying the Fluid always from the back of the head, starting from the nape of the neck, separating very thin strands and combing them straight from the root to the ends and let the product act for 15 minutes. Start the brushing process with the dryer from the back of the head until the hair is completely brushed.


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